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Posted August 21, 2019 New Video Posted

New Video Posted: Gluing Veneer On Compound Curve by David J. Marks

David J. Marks demonstrates the technique he used to glue quilted mahogany veneer from The Tree on a compound curve using the vacuum press.


Veneer Work: Progress Report on Ocean Sculpture

New Blog Post August 2, 2019

On this commission I made the huge leap to attempting to veneer on a dome, which means all of the veneer is getting glued and pressed onto compound curves! Working on flat surfaces requires experience and skills to ensure that the veneer is pressed flat and remains stable. The stakes get higher when gluing veneer onto a curved surface. Now platens have to be cut and shaped to match the…TO CONTINUE READING:

Veneer Work: Progress Report on Ocean Sculpture

June 18, 2019


New Video on Woodturning Just Uploaded

Videos/Woodworking Techniques



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Example of gilding & chemical patination.


Example of gilding & chemical patination


Students applying chemical patinas to their sample boards






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Dec. 2, 2018


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Sept. 6, 2108

Creative Turning Class Oct. 4 – 8, 2018


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May 26, 2018

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May 2018: Blue Helix

David ventured into a completely new direction with his latest vessel which he titled Blue Helix:

Blue Helix

Dimensions: 16 1/4″ H x 9″W x 7 3/4″ D
Big Leaf Maple Burl, Asian Ebony, Yellowheart
To view more pics: Blue Helix



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December 1, 2017


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October 10, 2017

We are still here!!! Victoria and I are extremely grateful that we, our home and our Woodworking School have been spared in this horrendous fire that has ravaged Santa Rosa and Northern California. Thank you all for your concern and support.


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This video gives you a brief overview of the amazing effects you can achieve with gilding and chemical patination.

2017 Classes NOW POSTED!


David’s New Vessel:  SenseiSENSEI FINAL 1Posted June 30, 2016

Read David’s Blog Entry that gives an overview of his work on his latest creation titled Sensei

You can see the full Album of photos of  Sensei


April 1, 2016 New Video Posted

David Working on his 30″ Tall Maple Vessel

This is a work in progress for the 2016 AAW Symposium this June in Atlanta, GA



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Just Posted in Free Videos 

Watch David on Rough Cut Woodworking 

with Tommy Mac

Episode 601: Master Showcase with David Marks


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2016 Classes Schedule Now Posted!



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When everything seems to be going against (2)



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Curved Joinery Class
Posted July 4, 2015

July 31 – August 2, 2015
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The class will focus on the use of routers with different offset bearing and bit combinations to create positive and negative MDF templates of countless designs that can then be used to flush cut hardwoods to fit together with a snug fit.  Students can design their own templates and experiment with different shapes from simple curves to more involved forms.

For full class description and registration:

 2015 Classes Schedule


New Free Video: Ancient Egyptian Inspired Table

Posted March 10, 2015




This video describes David’s inspiration as well as some of the techniques that went into creating one of the major art pieces of his career.  To View: Ancient Egyptian Inspired Table Video


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2015 Classes Schedule Now Posted!




We have just posted our 2015 Classes Schedule. All the classes are hands on.  In addition to the classes David will be teaching, we are bringing in two widely acclaimed Guest Instructors:

Mike Mahoney will be teaching a Turning Class

Paul Schurch will be returning to teach his Marquetry Class

Take a look at our 2015 Classes Schedule


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David’s Blog Included in Top 10 Woodworking Blogs by Zenith Industries


We are quite proud to announce that we have just been informed David’s Blog has been included in the recently published Zenith Industries blog article titled:

The Top 10 Woodworking Blogs On The Web

Scott Clifton, Technology Chief, Zenith Industries, emailed us:

I featured your website after researching and curating over 100 woodworking/renovation/construction blogs!

To Read his post: Zenith Industries Lists Top 10 Woodworking Blogs


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My Adventure at Burning Man

Posted October 30, 2014


Burning Man is an annual week-long festival, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance, held at the end of August in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. This summer, I had the pleasure to work with artist David Best on the construction of the Temple of Grace, envisioned as a spiritual and sacred space.

I arrived in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert on August 18th, one week before the gates opened at the 2014 Burning Man festival. I was part of a 100-person volunteer group that camped in various tents and trailers, several hundred yards from the construction site. We were there to build the Temple of Grace.

To read the full post: Blog Entries


Impressive Customer Review of WoodWorks Season 5 DVD

Posted Oct.20, 2014

WoodWorks Season 5

We recently received a very impressive customer review of our WoodWorks Season 5 DVD.  His feedback gives a great overview of the DVD and of what he feels our DVD offers to fellow woodworkers.  He starts off comparing WoodWorks Season 5 DVD to our Marquetry & Inlay DVD.

From Gary Bell, Kansas:

I must say that David’s DVD entitled “Double Bevel Marquetry” is without a doubt the best DVD that he has ever produced.Wait a minute, you might say to yourself; “I thought this was a review of “Woodworks Season 5” DVD?

Correct.  This review starts with a reference to the “Double Bevel Marquetry” DVD [here after referred to as “DBM”] because any of David’s fans/students who have any interest at all in DBM, undoubtedly were introduced to it as they first watched “Woodworks Season 5” episode 508 when it aired on DIY.  And, having acquired a taste for DBM would have then had that yen for DBM satiated either with a class at David’s studio [like me] or by later purchasing the DBM DVD [like me].

As I watched 508, I nostalgically said to myself, “Yep, this is where it all started!”

But it is not just DBM.  It is also bent lamination, joinery, wood grain and wood movement, coopering, design, chair geometry, inlay, fixing mistakes and applying finishes.

To read the full review: Blog Entries


Making Woodworking Information More Accessible

Posted September 30, 2014

Contemporary Dining Chair Episode 507
WoodWorks Episode 507 Contemporary Dining Chair

Most woodworkers would agree that if there were more people doing woodworking, the world would be a better place. In an effort to make high quality woodworking education more affordable for everyone, we are now offering all of our WoodWorks Episodes Digital Downloads  for $4.99 per episode. Each digital download gives step by step information on how to build a specific project.

WoodWorks Episode 406 Sculpted Elliptical Mirror
WoodWorks Episode 406 Sculpted Elliptical Mirror
WoodWorks Episode 312 Cherry Corner Shelf
WoodWorks Episode 312 Cherry Corner Shelf
WoodWorks episode 206 Burl Veneer Occasional Table
WoodWorks Episode 206 Burl Veneer Occasional Table
WoodWorks Episode 111 Copper Top Hall Table
WoodWorks Episode 111
Copper Top Hall Table

Follow Up to Turned Bowl with Ebony Rim Article: How to Glue On A Waste Block


706 Ebony Rimmed Bow.jpg 800 BY 600

Posted September 29, 2014 by David J. Marks

I received an excellent question from a woodturner who had read my article Turned Bowl with Ebony Rim  in our September 2014 newsletter:/

I was just getting ready to turn a bowl from a blank that is not much thicker than the desired depth. This was leaving me nothing for the usual tenons.  I asked the turning fellows in my woodworking club about gluing a waste block on the bottom and they thought I was crazy. In your latest (September 2014) newsletter, I see you are doing just that with your “Turned Bowl with Ebony Rim.

Couple of questions:

1) How do you form the 3 inch to 4 inch flat spot for the gluing?  

2)What glue do you use?  

Any assistance would be appreciated.



To Read My Response: Blog Entries