Impressive Customer Review of WoodWorks Season 5 DVD

Posted October 20, 2014

We recently received a very impressive customer review of our WoodWorks Season 5 DVD.  His feedback gives a great overview of the DVD and of what he feels our DVD offers to fellow woodworkers.  He starts off comparing WoodWorks Season 5 DVD to our Marquetry & Inlay DVD.

From Gary Bell, Kansas:

I must say that David’s DVD entitled “Double Bevel Marquetry” is without a doubt the best DVD that he has ever produced.Wait a minute, you might say to yourself; “I thought this was a review of “Woodworks Season 5” DVD?

Correct.  This review starts with a reference to the “Double Bevel Marquetry” DVD [here after referred to as “DBM”] because any of David’s fans/students who have any interest at all in DBM, undoubtedly were introduced to it as they first watched “Woodworks Season 5” episode 508 when it aired on DIY.  And, having acquired a taste for DBM would have then had that yen for DBM satiated either with a class at David’s studio [like me] or by later purchasing the DBM DVD [like me].

As I watched 508, I nostalgically said to myself, “Yep, this is where it all started!”

But it is not just DBM.  It is also bent lamination, joinery, wood grain and wood movement, coopering, design, chair geometry, inlay, fixing mistakes and applying finishes.

And speaking of finishes; when I watched 504 I was astounded to discover that this was an episode of “Woodworks” I personally had never seen.!  I thought I had seen them all.  But I had never seen this one.  Cool.

I would be tempted to say that this DVD “has it all”.  It doesn’t.  It was not intended to “have it all”, but it has quite a bit of “it” [“It” being basic and intermediate woodworking skills].  “It” answers many questions which most woodworkers eventually ask in the process of designing and constructing their own artistic expressions.

With this DVD one can truly build any of the projects he shows.  This is not the case with most of what is available out there these days from other media.  Usually what we see is just programing on the subject of woodworking.  The viewer is simply allowed to watch someone else build such and such and there is little or no teaching taking place.  This is not the case with the “Woodworks Season 5” DVD.

David’s DVDs and indeed every “Woodworks” episode is solely about teaching and mentoring. It is evident that David sincerely cares that he impart to his “students” the woodworking wit and wisdom that he has acquired over the years.  All of his DVDs and classes accomplish this.  “Woodworks” season 5 is a classic example of such.

Finally a word needs to be said about the great production quality and editing.  The editing is seamless.  There is no way to tell where the commercials used to be.  And whatever mixing and graphics may have been added fit right into the total production without notice.

You seriously need this DVD!

DVD TRT:  236 minutes

To purchase : WoodWorks Season 5 DVD or Season 5 Individal Episodes Digital Downloads

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