Thailand & India

035 David at Fort Agra, Agra, India 028 SIGN AT MUMBAI AIRPORT 047 David and Abir enjoy a refreshing drink of freshly crushed, sugar cane juice in Pune, India 018 BIG BUDDHA Phuket Thailand, 135 FT TALL 045 Santosh very happy with the success of Slumdog or Slumgod Millionaire 019 BIG BUDDHA 135 tall Phuket Thailand 007 SCUBA DIVING Racha Yai Islands Thailand 1 015 DAVID AND K OFF FOR A RIDE 022 DONATION OF MARBLE TO THE BIG BUDDHA PROJECT 013 FISH SWIMMING UP TO US AT Phi Phi Islands 023 THE MONKS HEAD BACK DOWN THE MOUNTIAN TO THE TEMPLE 017 BIG BUDDHA ON THE MOUNTAIN TAKEN FROM OUR DIVE BOAT 024 WALKING AROUND THE BIG BUDDHA WITH THE MONKS 008  SCUBA DIVING Racha Yai Islands Thailand 2 012 MORE SCUBA DIVING Racha Yai Islands Thailand 1 010 TRIGGER FISH  044 INLAY WORK AGRA INDIA 016 KICKING BACK IN Patong 002 DAVID FEEDING MONKEY IN THAILAND 030 TRAFFIC IN MUMBAI 011 DON'T MESS WITH THIS DUDE, MORAY EEL 042 INLAY WORK AGRA INDIA 009  SCUBA DIVING Racha Yai Islands Thailand 3 027 David burnishing gold leaf onto one of the bronze statues of three revered Buddhist Monks in Thailand 036 David examining doorway at Fort Agra, Agra, India 034 DAVID IN Agra 046 Workers making juice crushed from raw sugar cane stock harvested fresh each morning in Pune, India 040 Stone inlay artist carving colored white marble for inlay 031 Women in back of auto rickshaw in Agra, India 037 David at Fort Agra, Agra, India 026 TEMPLE IN THAILAND 039 Inlay artist in Agra uses a stick to power an abrasive grinding wheel to shape the stones to fit the recess 038 Inlay artists keep the tradition alive practicing their art in Agra, India 005 DAVID SCUBA DIVING FEELS LIKE I'M FLYING Racha Yai Islands Thailand 020 Description at the top of the mountain where Big Buddha is 041 Raw materials used for inlay Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Agate, Carnelian, Abalone shell and Turquoise 001 DAVID with long boat Phi Phi Island, Thailand 033 David just outside the walls of Fort Agra, Agra, India 025 THAI VERSION 029 WELCOME TO MUMBAI 032 Man with bike in Agra, India 006 SCUBA 021 MAKING A DONATION BY PURCHASING SOME MARBLE FOR THE BUDDHA 004 SCUBA THAILAND 03 David Scuba diving Racha Yai Island, Thailand