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by David J. Marks
posted June 30,2016


In December of 2014 my friend Rik Lawrence, a furniture maker from nearby Sonoma (check out Red Cloud Furniture), called to offer to sell me a Big Leaf Maple tree which blew over in a storm on his property.


I saw this as an opportunity to get some large pieces of Maple for …

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Bandsawing Rare Quilted Mahogany

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David and his friend James Stadig. James was extremely happy with the end result. He now has 5 thick veneers from his board of extremely rare Quilted Mahogany aka “The Tree”.

 posted May 21, 2015

An old friend of David’s called him the other day and asked him if he could fit some resawing into his schedule. David had resawed …

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My Adventure at Burning Man

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Posted by David Marks  Oct. 30,2014

Burning Man is an annual week-long festival, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance, held at the end of August in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. This summer, I had the pleasure to work with artist David Best on the construction of the Temple of Grace, envisioned as a spiritual and sacred space.

photo 3Here I …

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