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Veneer Work: Progress Report on Ocean Sculpture

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by David J. Marks posted August 1, 2019 I last shared with you my progress on the “Ocean” Wall Sculpture commission in the April 2019  newsletter. On this commission I made the huge leap to attempting to veneer on a dome, which means all of the veneer is getting glued and pressed onto compound curves! Working on flat surfaces requires experience and skills to ensure that the veneer is pressed flat and remains stable. The stakes get higher when gluing veneer onto a curved surface. Now platens have to be cut and shaped to match the...

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by David J. Marks posted June 30,2016 In December of 2014 my friend Rik Lawrence, a furniture maker from nearby Sonoma (check out Red Cloud Furniture), called to offer to sell me a Big Leaf Maple tree which blew over in a storm on his property. I saw this as an opportunity to get some large pieces of Maple for hollow vessel turning so I rented a truck with a hydraulic lift gate and called my friend Josh Caplan to help me with this big project. I tried to mill some of the logs by hand with my chainsaw but soon realized that this was a job for...

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Bandsawing Rare Quilted Mahogany

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 posted May 21, 2015 An old friend of David’s called him the other day and asked him if he could fit some resawing into his schedule. David had resawed some of James’ quilted mahogany 10 years ago for furniture projects that James was making.  They discussed the various options. David could use his 36 inch bandsaw set up with a carbide blade and torsion box fence with guaranteed accuracy and results. The only downside would be that James would lose 1/16 of an inch of rare wood with every cut due to the 1/16″ thickness of the...

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