Desert Woodturning Roundup Mesa, AZ 2013

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Last weekend I demonstrated at the Desert Woodturning Roundup in Mesa, Arizona. I had 6 rotations, 2 on combining metal with wood, 2 on gilding turned vessels and 2 on creating patinas on vessels. There was a great line up of Demonstrators : J. Paul Fennel who lives in Scottsdale and does some amazing pierced and carved hollow vessels. Richard Raffan from Australia who is one of the best known turners in the world with several books and videos that have won critical acclaim. Molly Winton who has earned her fine reputation for her surface embellishments of wood burning, carving, texturing, and coloring. Malcolm Tibbetts famous for his incredible segmented turnings that boggle the imagination and his book and numerous DVDs on the subject. Michael Hosaluk who is a member of Canada’s Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and is well known world wide for his incredible creativity not to mention turned and burned baseballs. Matt Monaco, a production turner (and fellow drummer) who lives in Arizona whose work is influenced by Mexican, Southwestern, and African cultures. John Lucas from Tennessee, who is well known for his turned hand mirrors, sculptural turnings, articles on wood turning, and photography. Here are some photos of the work I demonstrated. The instant Gallery had numerous works of art with a wide range of talent. Malcolm Tibbetts and I were asked to be available to give critiques to those who wanted them in the Instant Gallery. I want to personally thank Dale Gillaspy and the entire crew of volunteers from the Arizona Woodturners Association who worked really hard and did an excellent job of organizing this event. I will be teaching a 3 days hands on group class on Gilding & Chemical Patination at my school here in Santa Rosa, CA on August 16 – 18, 2013. For the class description and registration, go to the Classes Section of my website: Classes If you cannot make it to my Gilding & Chemical Patination Class, I do have a DVD that I sell from my estore at my website that gives step by step instructions on the process: Gilding & Chemical Patinations...

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