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Gilding is the process by which metal leaf is applied to a surface. Chemical Patination techniques evolved from a desire to mimic the beautiful finishes metals acquire as they age.  This DVD teaches you how to gild and chemically patinate objects like a professional.  The easy to follow instructions demonstrate all of the required steps and reveal specific techniques that have been used to create unique  works of art.

There is no need for complicated devices to apply the treatments outlined in this DVD, nor is there a need for any previous experience. Whether you are a beginner or established professional, you will find this informative DVD an inspiring and resourceful tool for creating unique finishes limited only by your imagination.

TRT: 90 minutes

Feedback from a Customer who bought this DVD:

David Mark’s DVD on gilding patination blossomed from an experiment in a new finishing technique to nearly all I do in my woodworking finishes.

The DVD offers a wonderful design process brought to light by using easily followed instructions, and it introduces basic gilding techniques.

It was great to be able to replay portions of it to solidify concepts or to review something I didn’t understand at first glance; and the pace of instruction was comfortable for me.

By just using commonly available chemicals to render patinas, it was simple to achieve beautiful and vivid coloring and finishes.

The design possibilities are still expanding for me since I have “discovered” David’s DVD.

Mike Ferreira
Visions In Wood
Ridgefield, Washington

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