David’s detailed Production Plans, Production Notes and List of Materials for this project.

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  1. Jayme Johnson

    This was (is) the perfect size an shape bar stool for a peninsula we’d had added to our kitchen area a few years ago. I’ve made 3 from David’s plans with lumber from a large oak taken down on my mother-in-law’s property. They are very sturdy and comfortable. My only disappointment with them is that the joint where the stretcher joins the legs is an end-grain to cross grain butt-joint held in place with brass pins. The joints stay aligned with the pins, but with any twisting of the wood in the legs or stress on the joints, the glue let go. I tried re-gluing them with epoxy without success. Contrary to my sense of good woodworking technique, I resorted to clamping and applying Kreg pocket screws on the bottom of all the stretchers/into the legs. The joints on my stools are solid now, but a stronger, perhaps mortise and tenon, joint might be a better option when the stools are being constructed.

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