Here are  all 13 episodes of the highly popular woodworking television show WoodWorks Season 4.

Here are just a few highlights from Season 4 that is jam packed with woodworking techniques that are too numerous to list:

Tuning up the band saw
Jointing edges on commercial veneers
Constructing drawers using a locking rabbet joint
Sculpting and carving an elliptical mirror frame
Enriching your designs with wood grain and texture
Cutting finger joints using a jig

WoodWorks Season 4 DVD includes:

Episode 401: Bent Laminate Shelf Stand
Episode 402: Sculpted Pedestal Table
Episode 403: Mahogany Headboard
Episode 404: Cherry Sofa Table
Episode 405: Apothecary Cabinet
Episode 406: Sculpted Elliptical Mirror
Episode 407: World of Wood Woodshop Tour
Episode 408: Magazine Storage Boxes
Episode 409: Torsion Box
Episode 410: European Dish Rack
Episode 411: Game Board
Episode 412: Wine Caddy
Episode 413: Workshop Tour